Tables and Chairs

These are the river chairs and table made out of brown oak for a Gales wine bar in Llangollen.
Made from Massur birch and maple.
Made from oak, this oval table extends to seat 8.
These chairs and table are made from rippled sycamore with walnut slates in a arts and craft style.

These chairs and table are made from old oak cider vats. You could still smell the apples as you where working the wood.
Walnut and elm table.
Oak table.
Oak table with a natural edge.

Chess table made from walnut and rippled sycamore.
Cherry table.
Elm river table. Made from Elm with some amazing figuring and colour, with the centre is blue glass. The legs represent a bridge over the river.
Oak Chair made from reclaimed cider vats.

Rippled sycamore and London plane. Arts and Crafts style chair.